A company that values the environment and people.
With our valuable environment and customer’s health at top priority, we make a better place.
Code of ethics
Think, judge and behave properly, fulfill social responsibility, seek interested parties’ and nation/mankind’s common profits, and develop into the world’s leading company permanently, under the management guideline of customized and ecofriendly/best-quality products, sustainable management, and happy labor-management culture based on the corporate philosophy of ‘together with customers.’
Code of Ethics
Eil’s Code of Ethics

Chapter 1 Customer ethics
1-1. Customer is the source of corporate existence Think about and determine all management activities on customer’s side, create values, and serve customers.
1-2. Be honest to customers, respect their opinions, and keep promises with them for sure.
1-3. Do not use customer information without consent for other purposes and uses.

Chapter 2 Shareholder ethics
2-1. Executives do their best to increase Company’s values with honest management through creation and innovation.
2-2. Keep laws and principles on business management and maintain transparency.
2-3. Listen carefully to shareholders’ opinions fairly.

Chapter 3 Executive ethics
3-1. Executives maintain Company’s honor and their individual dignity and win respect and trust from colleagues or customer companies by behaving properly to social norms and high ethical values as well as positive law.
3-2. Executives contribute to Company actively and creatively through bold challenge and innovation, mutual cooperation and reconciliation with a sense of duty on their job.
3-3. Executives are treated fairly depending on their ability and performance.
3-4. Executives do not exploit Company’s property for personal use and disclose Company’s information that was known during work. Create a bright work environment without providing gifts between employees, cash loan or joint and several guaranty and prohibiting rude behavior, sexual harassment, etc.
3-5. Executives keep social responsibility in mind, hand the crisis and opportunity actively, and serve as a model for others.
3-6. Company understands the dignity and value of individual employee as a human being deeply and tries to improve the quality of working life.

Chapter 4 Partner company ethics
4-1. Provide partner companies with equal opportunity and trade legitimate goods at a fair price transparently for mutual interests.
4-2. Do not make an unreasonable demand or receive illegal money/goods and entertainment by exploiting Company’s superior status. Explain about the intent and spirit of this doctrine to partner companies and encourage them to follow it.

Chapter 5 State and society ethics
5-1. Company contributes to national development by respecting national and social values, observing related laws and regulations, and developing itself through sound business activity to create social wealth and improve the quality of national life.
5-2. Company does not get involved in politics.
5-3. Company tries to protect environment and resources by developing and selling ecofriendly products, recycling waste resources, saving goods and providing education.
5-4. Company always tries to protect the community, customers, and employees and prevent accidents through training.