A company that values the environment and people.
Eil Industries will create a better future through integration with nature, the partner of mankind.
We will try to become a leading
company in the world, based on environment-friendliness.
Welcome to our home page.

21st century is the age of unlimited competition that requires change and creation. Eil is trying for advanced technology accumulated for long years, bold investment in plant and equipment, outstanding human resources, and transparent management, for successful performance of future industry.

Eil is going to serve as a model to the chemical company by producing ecofriendly products under the principle of environment friendliness-based corporate growth. We are doing our best to increase the corporate competitiveness for maximizing customer benefits and develop into a sound company.

Thank you very much for your continuous interest and support. All executives and employees promise that we are going to become a trusted company cherishing the promise with customers, with advanced technology and services. Please watch us developing into a leading company in the world with affection and interest.

Thank you.

Eil industrial CEO   Byung-Jae Park