We realize human society’s dream by creating new future
through creative thinking and endless challenges.
We are establishing our Quality Management System based on our Quality Management Policy
of ‘Customer Satisfaction Realization through the Best-Quality Product Realization’ and seeking various management activities
to become a global leader who is respected by the world and contributes to the human society.
Continuous quality improvement
Achieve the best product
Realize customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction realization through the best product realization
Eil’s Quality Management Policy is to produce and supply the best-quality products in order to meet customer requirements by doing quality improvement/assurance activities. Eil’s all executives and employees will try their best to come up to customers’ expectations by practicing the Quality Policy thoroughly and doing improvement activities continuously.
We have achieved ISO 9001(2008) certification, the international quality management standard for all of our products. To achieve this, all executives and employees should execute the following activities.
Customer First
All executives and employees develop their thorough service mind putting customers first
All executives and employees should be aware of the fact that customers are the foundation for corporate survival and try their best to achieve customer expectations and requirements.
Habituation of System
Habituation of Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
All executives and employees are well-acquainted with the Quality Management System established to all requirements of ISO9001 through education and training, observe the regulations, and fulfill the responsibility and authority granted to each of them faithfully.
Improvement activities
Constant improvement activities
All staff applies each of their own expertise and knowledge in order to constantly improve all criteria such as quality, service, quality management system and make it all highly efficient. This results in a quality management system that all parties, the company, person in charge and customers would satisfy with.
External authentication
ISO 9001(2000/2007) by SGS and KGC